Read what customers just like you are saying about the Circulation Maxx Ultra.

"I’m totally amazed, I cannot believe how well it has done for my legs… The achiness has started to go, I feel it’s working my ankle area, it works all up the calf muscles. I feel great, it’s a fantastic machine"John McNally.

"I’d had a busy morning on my feet… in the evening it is nice to come home and relax. When my feet are on the machine, it feels like somebody has got hold of your feet and they are gently caressing them… Its so lovely"Linda Howard.

Customer Testimonials

"At this time it seems like a good buy compared with similar items at twice the price and it appears to be working on my calf muscles giving relief"Mr R Pipe.

"I saw the circulation max machine advertised in the newspaper; it seemed like good value for money so I decided to buy one, I have been using it now for 8 days and my feet and legs are 10 years younger – thank you so much. I’ve told all my friends to get one.

Since using the Circulation Maxx for 20 minutes each day for 10 days there has been a marked improvement in my legs. I am convinced that this improvement is due to using the machine.

It felt a little odd at first until I found the right program and intensity, but now I really enjoy my 20 minute regime using the Circulation Maxx.

It appears to be very similar to devices which work on the same principle but are twice the price, so is excellent value. It is very relaxing and pleasant to use."Mr H McVicker.